Tutani Mgabazi was born on 03/03/1975 in Mvurvi, Zimbabwe.
During his schooldays he showed a great artistic talent. During the holidays he liked to visit his uncle, Francis Mgavazi, a recognized sculptor of the first generation. Under the guidance of his uncle Tutani Mgabazi quickly acquired the technical skills of stone carving. At age 12, he created the first sculptures, the gallery owner bought when they visited his uncle.
At 15, his father took him to Tom Blomefield in the artists' village Tengenenge. Even during his school years, his works were exhibited at the National Gallery in Zimbabwe.

Tutani did not stay long in Tengenenge. In 1994, he looked for a new environment in which he other, freely able to work for themselves without interference. He found a suitable place near Mutorashanga where he acquired land, because there is the best springstone Zimbabwe there. Tutani is now the owner of a mine so that he can seek his own rough stones.
A few years ago Tutani has founded a studio in Mvurwi where his works and the other friendly artists.
Tutanis favorite subject is the beauty of women. As he grew up without a mother and sister since the age of 13, he worked intensively with the feminine, the beauty of women and their impact on society.
The straight and clear expression of his sculptures are evidence of an extraordinary talent and so it is not surprising that his work can be found in many galleries and private collections.



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